Luxury Timepiece: Discover the Exquisite Richard Mille RM52-01

Richard Mille RM52-01

Richard Mille RM 52-01 Skull Watch

Skulls can be a tired motif but Richard Mille takes it to new heights in this tourbillon mask. The skull forms the baseplate and bridges, with the upper and lower jaws holding the ruby of the tourbillon cage.

Powered by the RM052 manual winding movement, this skeleton watch features a free-sprung balance wheel with variable inertia (improves resistance to shocks), a fast rotating barrel that takes six hours to complete one revolution (improves mainspring performance) and more.

Case Material

The RM 56-01 bestows a feminine approach to Richard Mille’s aesthetics and is undoubtedly the most sophisticated of its creations. Its case, constructed from three individual blocks of pink sapphire crystal, is completely transparent and allows its complex mechanics to be admired from all angles.

The material forming the case was developed by Richard Mille using a new technique and patented process. It consists of hundreds of layers of NTPT carbon and quartz fused together in a kiln at 120 degrees Celsius. Its high-tech composition gives it a unique rigidity that withstands the impact of extreme forces and the high pressure exerted by a manual winding tourbillon.

Richard Mille RM052-01

The Replica RM 52-01 Tourbillon Skull Nano-Ceramic is the perfect example of the immeasurable effort that goes into every Richard Mille timepiece. The brand is committed to exquisite technicity and exemplary finishing, while continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. This is a commitment that requires tremendous innovation, the design of new manufacturing processes and draconian quality controls.

Case Back

The skull design has appeared in iconic conceptions throughout history, ranging from purely aesthetic representations to a number of cultural and philosophical ideas. This watch, designed in 2012, captures these concepts with an awe-inspiring skull design and precision tourbillon movement.

The RM 052-01 Skull Rose Gold Tourbillon features a case made from TZP ceramic and carbon nanotubes, which showcases the perfect combination of durability and innovation. The openings in the bezel and case back make this watch much lighter than its counterparts, further enhancing the originality of its design.

This manual-winding watch is powered by the RM052 caliber, which is housed in a baseplate made from PVD-treated grade-5 titanium and has been subjected to a number of rigorous tests to ensure its rigidity and perfectly flat surfaces. The crown features DLC coating and is torque-limited for enhanced durability. The skeleton skull dial is framed by the 43mm x 50mm case and is complemented by a white rubber bracelet with a titanium double fold over clasp.


The human skull has appeared in iconic conceptions throughout history, some as purely aesthetic representations and others as a means to express multiple viewpoints and philosophies. For this watch, Richard Mille embraced the latter notion and created an homage to life and death with a tourbillon case shaped like a skull.

The RM 52-01 is a manual winding timepiece with a 43mm case in titanium, ceramic, and rose gold featuring a skeleton skull dial. It is driven by a manual winding tourbillon housed in a baseplate machined out of PVD-treated grade 5 titanium with a thorn-style crown and DLC-treated torque-limiting stem.

Richard Mille RM052-01

The skull design embodies the Richard Mille concept of Haute Horlogerie, an approach opposed to conformity that prioritizes innovation and advancement. Extreme expertise, high performance, attention to detail, aestheticism pushed to its limits, and hand finishing make this watch a masterpiece of contemporary haute horlogerie.


The skull, a symbol of freedom and non-conformity, has featured in iconic concepts across various cultures for centuries. The RM 052 Skull presented in 2012 is a visualisation of these precepts, embodying the philosophy of the brand. Extreme technique, high performance, aesthetics pushed to the limit and hand-finishing make this caliber a true piece of Haute Horlogerie.

The skull design is fully integrated into the movement with the upper and lower jaws of the hammerhead holding the ruby of the tourbillon cage. The skeletonised original case is made from TZP, a low-density material designed for light-weight and scratch-resistant applications that can be blasted and hand-polished. This patented material is also used for the bezel and case back of the watch. The RM 052 Tourbillon Skull is powered by the manual winding tourbillon calibre RM 052. This patented mechanism combines exceptional technical brilliance with a captivating skull-inspired design, a perfect fusion of art and engineering. It was first worn on the wrists of Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros and has since been paired with golfer Bubba Watson and polo player Pablo Mac Donough.

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