Luxury RM 001 Tourbillon: The Epitome of Timekeeping Excellence

rm 001 tourbillon

Richard Mille RM 001 Tourbillon

If you’re looking for a unique watch with an edge, look no further than the Richard Mille RM 001 Tourbillon. This timepiece combines extreme resistance and efficiency with a design inspired by motorsports.

The watch features a flying tourbillon mounted in a tonneau case and is engraved with the same skull insignia found on the winding crown. This is a great way to add a touch of personalization.

RM 001

The RM 001 blew up the watchmaking world when it was first released twenty years ago. Its curved tonneau case and unorthodox tourbillon caliber made it more than just an aesthetic bombshell.

Its innovative development pushed boundaries in extreme resistance and mechanical complexity. It also triggered the start of an ongoing development process that has become the hallmark of Richard Mille watches.

RM 002

The RM 002 is the latest in Richard Mille’s line of forward-thinking, automotive-inspired timepieces. It combines wildly complex engineering with high-tech materials. The result is a watch that is both beautiful and functional.

The first watch to bear the RM name put a hand-grenade up the industry’s backside when it was released twenty years ago. Since then, the brand has been at the forefront of breaking away from watchmaking tradition.

The 001 outlined the brand’s core principles of linking to the automotive world via lightweight materials and hyper complications and provided a fresh perspective on watchmaking. It also demonstrated extreme shock resistance capabilities.

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RM 004

The RM 004 was the first watch to enter series production and has become the cornerstone of the brand. This chronograph has 300 m (33 bar, 984 ft) of water resistance and features a power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock and a torque indicator between 10 and 2 o’clock.

Its caliber is constructed from carbon TPT and titanium, making it a remarkably lightweight movement. It is also incredibly shock resistant. This makes it a great choice for sports and other active lifestyles.

RM 005

The RM 005 is the most iconic watch in the Richard Mille collection. It was the first model to break with watchmaking tradition and showed that this young brand had some serious cojones.

The RM 005 features a unique tonneau-shaped case made from a variety of materials. Its shock-resistant design and use of durable materials such as carbon fiber and titanium make it stand out from the crowd. It also has the only variable-inertia automatic rotor that can be adjusted to match the wearer’s lifestyle.

RM 006

The RM 006 Tourbillon Felipe Massa in white gold is the perfect example of flawless craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Richard Mille watches. The intricate tourbillon movement is the centerpiece of this exceptional watch, a masterpiece that exemplifies the best of haute horlogerie.

It’s a sporty chronograph that uses shock-resistant materials that are as durable as the carbon fiber of race cars. Richard Mille used his proprietary material, NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology), initially developed for sails, golf clubs, and Formula 1 racing.

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RM 007

The RM 007 is one of the most awe-inspiring watches you will ever see. It’s designed for Rafael Nadal and features a tourbillon movement. It also has a 70-hour power reserve indicator and a function selection indicator that tells you whether the crown is in the winding, neutral or hand-winding position.

The case is crafted from titanium and has a skull-shaped baseplate. The bezel is decorated with custom Richard Mille star shaped spline screws that add a modern edgy look to the watch.

RM 008

The RM 008 is perhaps the most audacious watch that Richard Mille has ever produced. Its base plate is made from carbon nanofibre, and it is a testament to his ability to work with new materials and push the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking.

It has a manual winding movement, 30-minute totaliser, split-seconds chronograph and power reserve indicator. Its unique design features a diamond and black sapphire panda sitting peacefully in a bamboo forest. The movement is also incredibly accurate, and it has a very low friction.

RM 009

The first model from Richard Mille broke with all the conventions of fine watchmaking. It was built for extreme shock resistance and used lightweight materials that were also found in race cars. It was designed to be a technical and practical tool, not an ornament.

The RM 009 was the lightest tourbillon watch of its time, at 29 grams. It also had a baseplate made of ALUSIC, which is similar to the material NASA uses for its spacecrafts.

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